The Oak Grove Life Center is located in the former Oak Grove High School. For 50 years, the Oak Grove High School launched students into the world. In 2011, the school was closed. Scott Harness, the Senior Pastor of and a graduate of Oak Grove High School, began conversations with the school district with a desire to purchase the school. Unfortunately, those early conversations were denied and the school underwent a devastating repurposing and salvage effort. Any and all valuable metals were "salvaged" by vandals. Undeterred, Pastor Scott returned to the conversation about a purchase and at this point, the school district was finally interested. An offer was made, contracts were signed, and in early 2013 purchased the school and immediately began the transformations into The Oak Grove Life Center. A new 501C3 nonprofit organization was formed and the Oak Grove High School took on its new identity as The Oak Grove Life Center. Pastor Scott is often quoted as saying, "50 years ago, a community thought they were building a school. 

Little did they know, God was building a LIFE Center!" The Oak Grove Life Center is a place where every kid has value and purpose.