If you would like to help our mission at the Oak Grove LIFE Center but are unable to help financially, we have opportunities available listed below. If you are wanting to offer something that is not listed below, please contact us at 501-833-4673.

  • Materials

    You can help support the Oak Grove Life Center by donating items, materials, and supplies. With some of the buildings in need of repair and maintenance, there's a ongoing need for tools, lumber, cleaning supplies, etc. to help with the restoration effort at The Oak Grove Life Center. To find out how you can donate necessary supplies, you can email our Director, Al Graham.

  • Volunteer your time

    There is always something to do around campus, as well as from the comfort of your own home, that could aid in our mission. If you have some time available to serve, please fill out the form below.

    *we also offer volunteer hour statements if you need to meet a time requirement.